The Verdict Kopen Walrus Audio Lillian Multi-Stage Analog Phaser van slechts €126.31 Up for sales is a Very Good condition Walrus Audio Lillian Multi-Stage Analog Phaser*****FREE SHIPPING*****Will only ship to United StatesThank You! Countless guitarists regard the Eddie Van Halen-used Phase 90 as the classic phaser, but the Phase 95 makes it even better, in a size that will fit on any pedalboard. The result is a wide array of digital phasing sounds, including classic analog simulation, built with Boss’s ever-durable construction. This is a Walrus Audio - Lillian - Multi-Stage Analog Phaser!Strap into the co-pilot seat and join Lillian on a sonic journey. The 45/90 switch toggles between the Phase 45 mode’s subtle two-stage phasing and the Phase 90 mode’s more pronounced four-stage phasing, while the “Script†switch toggles between two phasing styles. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Walrus Audio Lillian Analog Phaser 2 Day Ship at the best online prices at eBay! Like the Vanguard, it features multi-stage phase options and a vibrato-style modulation mode. There’s also nothing quite as wildly psychedelic and chewy as a Small Stone’s “color” mode available among the Lillian’s many phase-crafting options. La pédale Walrus Lillian associe deux effets de modulations qui se complètent bien, un modulateur de phase et un vibrato. Walrus Audio Lillian Phaser Santa Fe limited Edition Pedal guitarra eléctrica Classic, swirling phase has often been emphasised on slow, ringing chord work. And while the Lillian offers many more phrase-crafting options than a Phase 90 or Small Stone, it’s still very simple, super-intuitive, responsive, and inviting at the tactile level. 31. Shop with confidence on eBay! The one-knob MXR Phase 90 must be at least tied for the distinction of easiest-to-use of all time. Gera RG and ChampReverb like this. Walrus Audio Lillian Multi-Stage Analog Phaser Guitar Effects Pedal The Lillian is a true bypass, all analog, multi-stage Phaser. Guitar World is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. Looking to create that swirling sound effect? Walrus Audio Lillian Phaser is een analoge, multi-stage phaser pedaal. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer, Today's best MXR M290 Mini Phase 95 Phaser Guitar Effects Pedal deals, Doesn't do thicker eight- or 10-stage phasing, Slightly more trebly sweep than the big-box version, Sensitivity of control enables great subtlety, Not the most authentic vintage phase textures, Slow/fast footswitch for Leslie-style ramps, Doesn’t exactly recreate the classic analog sound, The rise, fall and rediscovery of the Fender Jaguar, How to set up a Les Paul: 7 essential tips, (Image credit: MXR/Fender/Whirlwind/Walrus Audio), We check over 130 million products every day for the best prices, 3. Whether you have an analog or digital phaser, the most basic control is phase speed, which controls the speed of the rise and fall of the wave. For starters, the rate can be set to preposterously slow speeds that remain present, but verge on undetectable until the wave peak starts to reappear. What’s cool about Walrus Audio’s Lillian analog phaser is the ease with which you can move between extremely subtle, almost subliminal, phase textures and trippier swirls with ease—thanks to a very cool effect blend control and a rate control that ranges to uncommonly slow rates. Privacy Policy | With controls like Rate, Width, Feedback, and D-P-V blend, it is packed with a wide array of analog phaser goodness waiting to be dialed in. $249.00. This enables coordination of the exact speed. The printed circuit is machine populated and power and I/O jacks are board-mounted rather than affixed to the chassis. The digital phaser features speed, depth and resonance controls, plus a mode which switches between four, eight, 10 and 12 phase stages. Featuring speed, depth, resonance and shape modes, the Source Audio Lunar phaser pedal has four and eight-stage phasing, plus the Uni-Vibe mode for chorus and vibrato simulations. Will you benefit from a variety of controls, or is speed control sufficient? Effektpedal für E-Gitarre. 4 x. $60. That said, there are myriad ways to situate the Lillian in the shadier corners of a mix, and that is the real beauty of the unit. The Walrus Audio Lillian Analog Phaser is a phaser that sounds good out of the box and is very musical. Guitar Effects Unit, Phaser Effect pedal , 4 Stage Phaser , 6 Stage Phaser , Rate Control, Width Control, Feedback Control, d-p-v Control, Smart Momentary Bypass Strymon Lex Rotary. Its basic voice is bright, it offers very precise levels of control, and it readily cuts through the morass of multiple effects. Looks like the Lillian will be my next phaser. New Walrus Audio Lillian Phaser Discussion in 'Effects, Pedals, Strings & Things' started by The Holy Drinker, Jan 20, 2019 . Walrus Audio Lilian. The Lillian has 4 control knobs on top for Rate (speed of the LFO), Width (frequency range of the LFO), Feedback (amount of signal going back into the phaser), and D-P-V (dry, phaser, vibrato). PRODUCT. Walrus Audio Lillian Phaser - Neuf : 180 € Par ElectricSlug le 23/06/2020 - Expire dans 90 jours Localité : Ile-de-France ( France) With Black Friday on the horizon, it could be worth holding off on picking up a new phaser pedal until the Black Friday guitar deals start emerging. It does go crazy on the modulation if you turn the knobs to max, but it is still usable. "Leaving nothing behind but clean, puffy white trails of whirling, pulsating and whooshing analog Phase effect. Between four and eight-stage analog phasing, the Fender Lost Highway phaser pedal also features a fast/slow footswitch, with each hosting their own independent rate and depth controls. 29. Once you’ve created and selected your effects, save up to three at any one time. I loved speedier rates with the feedback, width, and wet/dry mix dialed way back. */, Copyright ©2020. Bath The Walrus Audio Lillian is a multi-stage analog phaser with a lot of features and a wide variety of tones available for tinkering around with. The Lillian’s weak spots are few and largely subjective. $89.20. 1. 1. Phasers were adapted to create an array of sounds in ‘60s psychedelia for that swirling effect, and were notably used later by Van Halen. For many players, though, the Lillian’s phase-crafting options, presence, and flexibility will make the trade-off worthwhile. 7 Best Pedal Phasers in the market with pros and cons. Es stehen sowohl 4-fach als auch 6-fach Phasing zur Verfügung, die bereits von Julia Chorus bekannte Blend Control - hier Dry-Phase Shifting-Vibrato ermöglicht diverse coole Effektsounds - neben klassischen Vintage Phaser Sounds sind auch abgefahrene Vibrato und Spacesounds möglich. DKK 1.599,00; Old Blood Noise Endeavors Dweller Eksperimentalphaser med resonant random step filtering og delay. The Walrus Audio Lillian is a multi-stage analog phaser with a lot of features and a wide variety of tones available for tinkering around with. Falling somewhere in between the Phase 90 and the Vanguard is the Grand Orbiter. Modulation Mojo Navigator Most phasers are stupidly simple. The one-knob MXR Phase 90 must be at least tied for the distinction of easiest-to-use of all time. Future Publishing Limited Quay House, The Ambury, Ich besitze auch den Phase 90, den ich auch mag. Leaving nothing behind but clean, puffy white trails of whirling, pulsating and whooshing analog Phase effect. 1 The soft-relay footswitch, however, does conceal one cool surprise: It can be held down for momentary activation of the phaser—a useful and expressive tool that might find you situating the Lillian in a more accessible place on your pedalboard. Unidirectional phasing, which creates a continual rise or fall, is achieved via two extra modes, plus a step effect. Helpful. FYI, put the Lillian up against the SA Spectrum today. The depth control relates to the intensity of the phased waves, while resonance, also called resolution, is another common EQ control, emphasizing various tones across the sweep. The quality implied by the smooth, precise knobs is evident elsewhere in the Lillian’s construction. The 6-stage setting is warmer and tighter whilst the 4-stage sound is more complex phase. Any Small Stone or Phase 90 devotee can tell you that there aren’t many options for mellowing a vintage phaser.