U.S. Wendy’s. Other meal deals at Wendy's include the $5 Biggie Bag, which comes with a Bacon Double Stack, an … All prices provided on this website are averaged and should only be used as estimates. We took the 2 for $5 you know and love and made it a deal you’ll know and love even more with our new Classic Chicken. Juicy white meat, breaded and marinated in our unique, fiery blend of peppers and spices topped with crisp romaine lettuce and cool mayo. To find out if your Wendy's is participating in this deal, you can check via Wendy's online ordering. If you haven't heard that Wendy's released a new 2 for $5 deal, then you really need to hear the details. Most Wendy’s remain closed for dine-in service due to the Coronavirus pandemic and are limited to drive-through and delivery service. The new 2 for $5 menu includes any two of the following items for 5 bucks: The offer normally includes a Dave’s Single as an option. Whoever runs its accounts, props to you. The first announcement of this new 2 for $5 meal deal happened on Wendy's official Facebook page on Oct. 29. November 15, 2020, By Matt Arnold. It’s more likely for stores to accept their own coupons rather than manufacturer coupons. 2 for $5 meal deal; Classic Chicken, Dave's Single®, Spicy Chicken, 10 pc Chicken Nuggets, The new Classic Chicken in the classic 2 for $5. Wendy's chicken is extremely underrated, and I recall feeling betrayed by society's gentle nudge towards the McDonald's nugget the moment I bit into the spicy, crispy fowl of its competition. If you’re craving something from Wendy’s, chances are there is a coupon out there for it – and we’re here to help you track them down. “Sprite” is a registered trademark of the Coca-Cola Company. 2020 Mother’s Day Freebies, Deals And Limited-Time Offers Round-Up, Dickey’s Debuts New Barbecue Ranch Bird Sandwich And New Brisket Double Cheese Sandwich, Gordon Ramsay’s 24 Hours to Hell and Back. So that’s any two of a Dave’s Single ®, Spicy Chicken, 10 PC Nugg, or the new Classic Chicken for just $5.This deal is an instant classic. Skip the Drive-Thru With These McDonald's Copycat Recipes: 1 / 22. — McDonald’s (@McDonalds) December 21, 2018. To learn more about working for the restaurant, check out our Wendy’s Careers page. Here's What You Can Get. You can also place a delivery order through the Wendy’s App. To start a Wendy’s delivery order, or to check on Wendy’s delivery deals, visit:  Wendy’s Delivery. Get it with a 4-PC Nuggets, Jr. Fry and Value Drink. Matt is the Editor of EatDrinkDeals. Click here to sign up for our EatDrinkDeals newsletter, 2 Spicy Chickens, 2 Junior Bacon Cheeseburgers and 4 small fries $15, 2 Double Stacks, 2 Crispy Chickens and 4 small fries $10. Here’s a look at how to save some cash when dining at Wendy’s, as well as how to snag free food from the fast-food chain. More details are on the Wendy’s Meal Deals page. Wendy’s new Pretzel Bacon Pub Cheeseburger has a quarter pound beef patty, topped with beer cheese sauce, bacon, honey mustard, crispy fried onions, pickles, and muenster cheese. Wendy’s has meal deals like a 4 for $4 special with a sandwich, nuggets, fries and a drink, a $5 Biggie Bag combo, and more ways to stay on your budget. So that’s any two of a Dave’s Single®, Spicy Chicken, 10 PC Nugg, or the new Classic Chicken for just $5. Fast Food Prices > Wendy’s Coupons. You can find the modified 2 for $5 deal at participating Wendy’s locations nationwide for a limited time. Juicy white meat, lightly breaded and seasoned, topped with crisp lettuce, and mayo. The primary item, though, is your choice of sandwich: a Junior Cheeseburger, Junior Bacon Cheeseburger, Double Stack, or Crispy Chicken Sandwich. Includes 4 pc nuggets, jr. fry, value drink. Wendy’s 2 for $6 deal allows fans to mix, match and choose any two select menu items for 6 bucks. Wendy’s 2 for $5 deal in August and September is all about chicken! To get the discount, just go through the drive-thru and mention the two for $5 deal. Wendy’s has a Value Menu with Cheeseburgers, Chicken Sandwiches, Wraps, Side Salads and other items priced starting at 99 cents.