Jamey's pal, carefully unwrapping his prized peaches for the contest, doesn't even chuckle at the joke. These year-round foods include: Other produce items are harvested during single growing seasons, but have a fairly extended harvest season and then keep or store well enough so that they're also available much of the year: Enjoy the bounty of Texas as you eat the local delicacies. All Rights Reserved. Between Dallas and Houston sits the third wedge of my triangle, the vast operations of Cooper Farms in Fairfield, which opens pop-up stalls in other Central Texas communities in good years. Some vegetables remain in season for months upon months. No zigzagging through rural Parker County is required. “There is little comparison between fresh peaches and the metro grocery store peaches,” says Kay Andrews of Austin, an annual visitor to the Burg’s Corner stand near Stonewall. The peach-themed offerings are sold out in the first few hours of the festival, so hurry up! "She'd eat them all day," says her mom. Though there is no stand, visitors are welcome to come out to the farm. The route even serves peaches at its rest ​stops. The JAMboree has given the town a kickoff to peach season. By using several varieties with the proper ripening sequence, the grower can have fruit over a 6 - 10 week season. For the most part, the events of the JAMboree repeat every year. The evening closes with another rodeo (where the queen is crowned) and dance. Add Texas peaches to any old thing, and perfection results. Stonewall focuses on the fruit, of course, but the people here also work at coming together as a town. Sweet and tart medium to large fruit. My grandpa would drag out the ice-cream maker from the garage to the back porch. The lightest color in the peach should be a warm hue, … The ones grown in this part of the state taste so sweet, they're like candy. This is also the time to try all types of dishes made from peaches. Just ask for a napkin. South of a line from the Corpus Christi Fish Pass (Latitude 27° 40' 34") to the Mexican Border. Sign up for magazine extras, upcoming events, Mercantile specials, subscription offers, and more. Peaches are sacred in these parts. this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. Up north, Weatherford, which the State Legislature designated as the Peach Capital of Texas in 1991, hosts up to 55,000 peach fans at the annual Parker County Peach … Judge Lisa Baird prefers the Loring, as does judge C.W. © Copyright 2020 Meredith Corporation. Bluefford tells me, "Sweetheart, it ain't ripe till the juice runs down your chin. Rust. Jimmy Duecker, the patriarch of Burg’s Corner, left college in 1969 to work the family orchards when his father died unexpectedly. If you visit for the JAMboree, you'll see why this homespun part of Texas is so special. HARVESTER: Grown throughout Texas; semi-freestone with medium texture and excellent flavor and balance. With rock salt and a bowl of sliced ripe peaches, he'd crank out the best treat I can ever remember. I shook hands with an honest-to-goodness Peach Queen (the envy of every female in town--including me) and tiptoed into the peach contests to query the judges. Note that Texas is a big state (but you knew that! Hutton escorts a visitor in a golf cart by trees loaded with freestones. Still, I requested the homemade peach variety every summer instead of a birthday cake. No words.”. (He returned to complete his bachelor’s degree in 1972). Peach dessert and fruit competitions, 4-H bake-offs, and even a melon and cake auction are the sweet attractions at this annual late-summer event, now in its 105th year. And the Winner Is...Let's begin with judge Bluefford Hancock. DIXILAND: This sweet, juicy variety is one of Texas’ most be-loved.