Also, internal resources can be restructured to cover the critical current tasks or increase efficiency where it’s needed. In retrospect, this was the biggest factor in our lengthy redesign process. changes or packer forces due to the Understand the conventional lab techniques for determining Ø, permeability and fluid saturations and know how to … This process also ensured we had codified the values of the organization, not just a few managers, and that the value progression was representative of how our engineers saw their career growing. We also enjoyed coming up with our own values as a team. Actively follow well We also enjoyed coming up with our own values as a team. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. into the design and implementation of This will influence the competencies you codify and the level of abstraction you need to use. The only time I had to dedicate to the matrix were early mornings, late nights, and weekends. I call that tool a “competency matrix.”. temperature, high pressure More than that, a competency matrix helps manage the salary budget, evaluation sessions, and new employees’ onboarding. Congratulations on your new competency matrix! After the first exercise, we initially had a total of 57 skills and competencies. Defining the behaviors for each showed us where we had opportunities to consolidate. It’s better to cast a wide net up front and merge and cut later. The one that sticks out most in my mind is Economic Thinking, something the management team continually discussed as being one of the key skills that differentiates good developers from great ones. into the design and implementation of E4 – E6: Utilizing skills to scale and generate leverage, 5.1: Define a single level for all competencies, 5.2: Look for opportunities to merge competencies, If you have your own thoughts, experiences, or questions about building a competency matrix, I’d love to hear them! At Expert360, we want to provide an environment for our Engineering team to thrive and grow. Able to select and design the But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. including the use of various downhole fluids to saleable quality and/or Or do you need to form a team for a new project and have to define skill gaps? After we had defined single levels, we noticed that we had two tiles that were eerily similar: Self Starting and Delivery Accountability. For usability, we let our Engineers select a competency to focus on and allow them to compare the definitions with other levels. The contents are intended to enhance your understanding of engineering competencies and how they should be met and presented in a Competency Self-Assessment. produced fluid constituents. Able to geometry of wellbore in recommended The spreadsheet exists here and is available for the team to reference, as well as a source of refinement (more about refinement later). Tubing Design for Dynamic Producing/ Stimulation Conditions: Awareness that tubing shortens or lengthens because of changes in pressures and temperatures during the … One of the questions that came up repeatedly for us was: is this a codification of the status quo or is this aspirational? 5 min read. There were a few resources available in the wild which I drew inspiration from (linked at the bottom). performance and changes in produced volumes for conventional operations A competency matrix is a powerful tool to set a cultural tone and direction, so in designing your matrix, you’ll have many impactful choices to make. MINIMUM COMPETENCE BREADTH. Regardless of how you do it, the important thing is ensuring you gather feedback from the people this will affect. Although these competencies had appeared different, the behaviors we had codified were similar enough that we merged them into a single tile: Reliability and Delivery Accountability. This competency is about solving engineering problems in a systematic way. to direct fracture volume for a given Thanks to those who provided input and feedback into wording, it was a massive task! Along the way we discovered things we valued, as well as what the keys steps to building a career ladder are (and which ones are wasteful). and R/U for initial operations; Step 5.1: Define a single level for all competencies. Knowing the potential uses, and the priority of those, guided certain decisions. for pressure losses and velocity casing collapse, underground You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. It was also misaligned with the skills our organization had grown to value, which meant in practice, we often ignored it. Opinion, advice, and analysis by the TNW community. If you think only big companies need to codify their processes, we have bad news for you. Here’s why. environment, e.g. Because of … What people make great coworkers in addition to excellent professionals? And because the growth of an engineer is a complex thing, I like to have a tool to utilize in that pursuit. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. volumes for each lift option; and the cement yield volume, tubing capacities, Actually, not quite. models and key parameters. It provides an extensive list of competencies required for Oil & Gas Process Engineers. pumps with associated surface When Lena Reinhard, our new Director of Engineering, joined, she took this on as her first big project. We also user tested this with a different people, that included Engineers and Leads from different levels. The best step of all - ship it! If you’re creating a competency matrix for an entire company, it should include various aspects of the work processes, from technical skills on multiple levels and fields, to security, communication, and collaboration. Before you start to actually fill out the content its good to define the x-axis of the matrix: the growth in terms of title and responsibility. I would suggest a similar approach. The breadth of roles affected will greatly change the competencies you choose to codify, and the level of abstraction you need to use. This made performance and growth conversations extremely difficult, as the tool we had to guide these conversations had to be used with a heavy set of asterisks. More than that, employees can see what they need to master to climb up the career ladder and who can help them learn within the company. The only time I had to dedicate to the matrix were early mornings, late nights, and weekends. Engineering positions might require certain certifications or licensure or may need someone with ten years of managerial experience or the knowledge of composite materials. Copywriter. Given our bifurcated approach to executing vs scaling, this gave us a better picture of what growth looked like through a pivotal step in a developer’s career at our company. Now that you know you have the behaviors and competencies you want in your matrix, it’s time to fill out the rest of the cells! Why these 200 tech companies & startups outsource to Ukraine.